Yûnus Emre; Through Epics and Miniatures


“We have given the key to your heart to Tapduk Emre! Go and find

him. Receive what you desire,” said Hunkar to Yunus.

Thereupon, Yunus set off towards Tapduk’s lodge in Nallihan.

A few days later Yunus arrived at the lodge and was struck by an

inspiring scene. The back of the lodge faced the mountains. He felt

the fresh wind on his face, blowing towards the River Sakarya. It was

the most exciting moment of his life. During his journey, he repeated

to himself the name that Hunkar had used to address him, “Emrem

Sultan, Tapduk Sultan!”

The moment he first saw Tapduk in the backyard of the lodge, it

seemed to Yunus that Tapduk had been waiting for him. Yunus was

overwhelmed by a spirit of rapture he had never experienced before.

He felt as though he was going to lose his mind in the presence of

Tapduk, whose dervishes hovered silently around to serve him, like

moths flying around a sacred light. He caught the delicious scent of

soup and was torn between hunger and love. He said to himself, “It is

not the time to think about eating.”

He listened to the faraway sound of a water wheel turning heavily,

which resembled the earth-shaking sound made by the voices of the

dervishes, reciting the dhikr ‘Hu’ at sunrise.

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