In The Education Of Tasawwuf: Nafs, Tawhid And Zat


The book in your hands is a translation of the Risale-i Rushdiyye, an epistle in Arabic by Mehmed Nasuhi al-Khalwati al-Uskudari about the subtleties of seyr u sulook, the journey to Allah. In this epistle, Nasuhi Effendi answers the questions of his dervish Fahreddin Effendi of Beşiktaş regarding the Tasawwuf concepts of nafs (the self), tawhid (the Oneness of Allah) and zat (the Divine Essence) which many people find difficult to grasp.
Whit this translation, it is our humble hope that this epistle will reach out to many more dervishes like Fahri Effendi who are seeking true guidance on the path, and thus bring the teachings of Hazrat Nasuhi, themselves transcendent of time and place, to hearts ready to recieve them…

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